Computer Applications Mrs. Bratcher
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    February 29th, 2012mrs bratcherDaily Task

    CA3.2.1 & CA3.2.5

    1.Learn about Citations
    2. Open Research Sheet. You need 10 sources. Be sure to paste the URL and list 3 pieces of information for each. Three sources should be for paragraph 2 (What is Cyberbullying?), 3 for paragraph 3(Problems with Cyberbullying), and 3 for paragraph 4 (Solutions to Cyberbullying, and one that is a case study. Be sure to communicate with your partner on your group page in Edmodo.
    3. Finish making your works cited page. Be sure to DS and add hanging indents. Submit in Edmodo

    MLA report:
    1st Paragraph: Introduction
    2nd Paragraph: What is Cyberbullying (include a real example & technologies used to bully)
    3rd Paragraph: Consequences (of the bully & the victim. include a real example)
    4th Paragraph: Prevention Methods (solutions to prevent cyberbullying. Include a real example)
    5th paragraph: Conclusion

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