4.1. Indicator
Uses instructional practices essential for a technological society

  • My class is 100% paperless.
  • I use Google Classroom to communicate with students and collect work.
  • I use Google Forms, Zaption, and GoFormative to assess my students
  • I use screencastomatic and Youtube to create and share screencast videos
  • I use Google Slides and nearpod to present new informatio to students

4.2. Indicator
Integrates multiple media sources and diverse formats into instruction and tasks

  • My lessons have videos, animated gifs, images, and screenshots embedded.
  • I link helpful resources throughout.
  • Interactive sites are also linked to help students practice learning.
  • Students are given choice in their tasks. Examples include writing in the form of a blog, creating visuals using a tool like Canvas, organizing ideas in a mindmap using Google Draw or Popplet, recording podcasts, showing relationships by creating infographics, reinacting a process using a green screen app or the camera app, or illustrating a concept with an app like Paper by 53.

4.3. Indicator
Requires students to use technology to evaluate, question, and problem-solve